by Genuis

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This album is dedicated to our dear friend Ola. May you be chilling with your greats.

What started as a mixtape to be released in a month turned into 1 and a half years and a full album. It was created in between Sacramento, Davis, Santa Maria, Berkeley, and San Francisco in our homes, friends houses, and everywhere else we could find.

This album is based on the time we spent apart and all the growing up we had to do. All the anti-climatic mundane surrealist moments we had together and by ourselves.


released December 11, 2015

All music created by Genuis (Elfboi and Anthony)
Pacfi features Jas Lüf (Jevin Almazan)
Artwork by Elfboi and picture within artwork by Ola
Much help from Joyce Lue
Mastered by Anthony

KDVS recordings 2015



all rights reserved


Genuis California

N Cali .bixwav
Elboi // &thony

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Track Name: Airsp
I've been taking notes since college
22 years of life i've been thinking about
and of all the things ive found
there's nothing more comforting than
a space to sleep and a space to eat
take a break in hand

I've been quitting cigarettes for the thousandth time
it doesn't do me any good no more
but i enjoy the pausing moment when I think about

//in hell in hell I can breath more
Track Name: Root Tubes
//Hide out
Sensitive skin
.Touch my health
i'm not a virgin

//Speak out
go wash away
.Touch myself
all i've sought i've been

Will I go as far as I'll take
all the roads I fear I make
//I take
//and I

Will my God please me in the way
I held myself that year that day
//I take
//and I

//Speak out
Sensitive skin
.Nothing has touched the
place I'm in

//Hide out
go wash away
.Don't mind me
I am ecstasy

//I take
//and I

To meet the note
that freckles on me

I take sides
root root tubes

to map the way
I seem to be

Take a page
Track Name: Pacfi
It could lead
//You don't pose
To alchemy
//the shine it lies
this double choice
//airs too cold
//for sudden light
Grind the stone
//your feelings there
for emerald
//your minds off track
the equation goes
//you hit the line
I'll win the war
//but not the hive

So happy
you know I can see

//.if you know that it could fade away
//.If you can take the pain away

.Salt and gold
fine crystals
call off the cry
I see it

So happy
you know I can see

//.if you know that it could fade away
//.If you can take the pain away

//.//. the pain away

sometimes i dont mind --- Salt and gold
cause i hit some --- fine crystals
saw eye, i dont mind --- call off the cry
i see it --- i see it
Track Name: Wprds
Tell me
Tell me
Tell me so I can go

You decided I
had no voice
I'm yours

These days I
that I'm equal
this anthem shows

Just based on
design I had to
confined in time

The wprds I needed to say
didn't come out the way
the rich and famous could tell
I'm not an animal

Complexion fades away
when she forces me
into struggle

There's only so much abuse
a girl can really take
I'm calling you out right here and NOW!

If you'd only complied
I'd be happy

cause these days I
that your equal

-----I say this slow------

Just based on
design we had
to die in time
Track Name: Orphilian
advice I've somehow now gained

Greez swollen

You'll take your time and i'll take mine
with salt

Levi Levi ruined

// If you please
can adopt me
I can be one of your thieves
it's so
to lie here (GHP) every night

// We're coming down
curly teeth from the album
we crave
from far
superminds encased in koji's kind
koji's kind

1111111you taken for me1111111

Heat foam forms carbonate
an equation that I only choose
for it

Take all the stuff I have said up until now
has nothing changed in the ways I stretch
my mouth

//If you leave
please adopt me I can be the air your breathe!
it's so
against our kind
date drug every night

//We're coming up
straightened teeth from everyone we eat
from far
close in kind
me, myself & Levi
Track Name: Converge
Track Name: Rounds
ha ha ha

youll see
youcome in time
you en di
tlkejs awihr nflsi
lfone lskei
Track Name: Westcliff
Come, show me
the literary smoke that doesn't exist
you come in the side of my house

if you show me
the multiple truths in which you lie
which one is gonna take me down
i see the pardon in your prize

//It's coming inside
I still see
the hype you
live in Westcliff

Taken down as making sense
Cigarette as your pretense
I see

//It's coming inside
I still see
the hype you
live in Westcliff